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Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document appointing and authorising another person (your attorney) to act on your behalf.  You may appoint an attorney when you are going overseas or require hospitalisation and need someone to look after your financial and legal affairs or make lifestyle decisions.  A Power of Attorney can also provide for your ongoing care following the onset of mental illness or dementia.  A person you appoint as your Power of Attorney should be someone you trust as that person will control your affairs when you are not in a position to do so.  Giving someone Power of Attorney has wide ranging implications and you should obtain legal advice prior to appointing a Power of Attorney.


Wills, Probate & Contested Wills

We can prepare your wills from a very basic standard one to the more complex testamentary trust wills.  Let us look at your specific needs and provide for effective estate planning.

Regarding deceased estates, we have a team that will promptly attend to the fourteen (14) day advertisement online under the Administration and Probate Act, speedily prepare the inventory of assets and liabilities, and attend forthwith to the lodgement of probate documents in the Supreme Court.  If you wish to contest a will, or are unsure whether sufficient provision has been made for you, contact us.  There are time limits within which to make family provision claims relating to deceased estates.


Employment law

As an employer, it is imperative that for every employee, you have an employment contract in place that complies with the Fairwork Act.  What if you need to protect confidential information and your intellectual property?  What if you need to make provisions in the contract that applies to your specific situation?  Talk to us so that we may custom make the employment agreement to meet your individual needs.

Conversely, employees may be faced with situations where employers may require them to sign certain contracts, warranties, undertakings, or releases and discharges.  What are your rights and obligations?  Contact us to ascertain what your rights and obligations may be in any given situation.

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