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Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement should contain the following as well:

  1. The fees you pay.
  2. The length of the franchise.
  3. The level of control the franchisor can exert over the business.
  4. The licence to use the trademark or name.


Should you as the tenant pay the legal costs? What is the difference between a Retail Lease and a Commercial Lease? There are a number advantages and disadvantages for the tenant and the landlord, depending on the type of lease.

It is crucial that you know and understand the terms and conditions to a lease prior to signing it. You should consider the following:

  1. Periods of the lease.
  2. The options to renew.
  3. The right to assign.
  4. Increases in rental.
  5. The outgoings.
  6. The transfer of licences and permits.
  7. Whether the lease complies with the law.

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