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Land Tax

In Victoria, the State Government charges land tax on land that you may own. You may contact us regarding your land tax. You may be entitled to certain exemptions.

Land Tax: Notification by Trustees

If you own land as trustee you have certain obligations to notify the State Revenue Office. Talk to one of our team members regarding these obligations.

Buying a Business

If you are buying an existing business, you should receive at least the following documentation from the Vendor (seller): –

  1. A Form 19 giving details of the financial position of the business.
  2. A Section 51 Statement indicating whether the Agent is going to help you with finance.
  3. The Contract.
  4. Transfer of the registered business name, if applicable.
  5. Transfer of any permits or licences, if applicable.
  6. Transfer of the Lease of the premises.
  7. Investigate whether the business or any equipment has been encumbered according to the Personal Property Securities Register.
  8. Transfer of any equipment.

Do NOT sign any documentation without having first obtained legal advice. Only pay any money into a Trust account..

The Contract should include:

  1. A full description of the business.
  2. The business name and whether or not it is registered.
  3. Allocation of the sale: what part is goodwill, stock, plant, equipment.
  4. Restraint of trade.
  5. Stock value.
  6. Warranties.
  7. A provision that the sale is subject to you obtaining finance; assignment of the Lease(s).

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